Every Saturday we giveaway the hottest bar + restaurant tabs London has to offer. First person to arrive at the venue, wins.


Upon joining, you will receive a digital ScavCard which lives in your mobile wallet. This is your pass to redeem the tabs + prizes.

Locations revealed

Members are added to a private WhatsApp where every Saturday at 5pm, we share the tabs + prizes and where they are located.


The first member to arrive at the venue wins. We will share a virtual card for you to spend. Your Saturday is on us.

We don't do lotteries or cringey treasure hunts; we just give out free bar tabs, meals at the hottest spots, shopping sprees, exclusive experiences and more, every week. With your digital ScavCard, you'll get notifications every Saturday about where and what you can win. All you have to do is arrive first and claim your prize.


Bistro Freddie β€’ The Pelican β€’ Swift β€’Pub On The Park β€’ The Zetter β€’ YOPO β€’ Manteca β€’ The 411 β€’ Mountain β€’Top Cuvee β€’ The White Horse β€’ Bambi β€’ The Alma β€’ Westerns Laundry β€’ Nobu Hotels β€’ Aire Spa β€’ Strakers β€’ The Windmill β€’ Calooh Callay β€’ Sketch β€’ The Ship β€’ Bebe Bob β€’ Homeboy Bar β€’ Oranj β€’ Mountain β€’ Kiln

Let's be honest, we all have enough apps. When you sign up to Scav, you get two things - your ScavCard and access to our WhatsApp community where we reveal our locations. These two things unlock your potential winnings. Simple.

This is NOT a subscription you'll forget to cancel. Your ScavCard will be activated for 12 months, giving you plenty of opportunities to win our tabs & prizes.Β 


What is Scav?

Scav is a modern-day scavenger hunt that takes place across London, every Saturday. For Β£25, members can win tabs & prizes for 12 months. We'll pick a minimum of 4 bars & restaurants tabs in Zones 1 & 2. The tabs will be evenly distributed across North, South, East, West & Central London. In addition, we will run WildCards where members can win anything from hotel stays, trips, shopping sprees, access to exclusive events, cash prizes etc. The more members we have, the bigger and wilder the prizes become.

How does it work?

Upon purchase, members receive a digital ScavCard that is stored in their Apple or Google wallet. They are then added to a private WhatsApp group where the location(s) of the tab(s) is revealed every Saturday at 5 pm. The first person to get to the venue, wins. We will then share a virtual card for you to spend at the venue.

How do I claim the tab?

Our digital cards are geofenced to our winning locations, once you reach the venue you will receive a push notification with a code. The first person to send the Scav admin this code wins and receives a virtual card to spend at the venue. For some venues & prizes, there will be a Scav rep there to give you your prize.

Does my card activate instantly?

Your ScavCard will activate 1 hour after purchase. Why? Our goal is to ensure Scav is as fair as possible to its members. This way, those who are not registered, but find themselves in the venue, cannot win the tab over those members already registered. Upon claiming the tab, your membership status will be checked on our system.

What if I can't participate that day, but find myself near the tab?

We understand people have hectic social lives, so if you're near the tab location at 5pm, but have to shoot, that’s no problem! You can 'exchange' your tab for another date if you are the first one to claim the tab. You can do so by alerting the Scav admin when claiming the tab. This will allow you to spend the tab at that venue, at a later date.

Can I use a friend's ScavCard or share my card?

No, we want to make sure the tab is conducted fairly. Members' names, phone numbers and unique membership numbers are on each card, and if we suspect foul play, we may ask you to prove your identity.

THE SCAV starter pack


    Your ScavCard will activate 1 hour after purchase and sit in your Apple or Google wallet. This digital card is unique to each member and will enable you to redeem the tab at our mystery locations.


    No app needed. Members are added to our private Whatsapp communities where we drop our tab locations at 5pm every Saturday. Additionally, the tab locations will appear on the back of your membership card and will state when they have been redeemed.Β 


    We like to keep things fresh. Outside of our bar & restaurant tabs, members have the opportunity to win additional prizes, such as shops, stays, trips or even cash prizes through WildCards. Sometimes, we put a large tab behind a bar and invite members to come and enjoy it together. Β 


    We get it, sometimes you already have plans but you might find yourself beside this week's tab. With our 'exchange' policy, you can win a tab and pospone it. You simply need to get to the venue first, recieve the code and speak with the Scav admin to let them know you would like to redeem the tab at a later date.


    As our community grows, we will partner with our venues to offer members perks. Think, access to exclusive events, surprise happy hours + more to come.